Inspector So-ka-ru on one side, "Bucolic mood" on the other side...

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"Inspector So-ka-ru will begin his hunt as soon as the rain stop"

During this time, far away from Muhupolis :
"A butterfly pass by... Yu and Mushu ( Yeah, 'cause Mushu decided to follow Yu) gave themself a break in their damn runaway... Kind o' garden party mood in the air..."

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rez 20/05/2007 15:19

rah, Sir Gate, comment atomiser les limites du dessin en ligne...
c'est beau, c'est rageant .

ctrl+zzzzzzz 18/05/2007 08:55

tin mec...5 updates en 1 semaine ...c'est completement fou .si on m'avais dit un jour ...^^keep it up ,sont terrib' tes yu's .